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To Rosie – On Her Birthday 3/22/42

Rosie Birthday 1942

I’m thinking more than ever today
Of the one who has been so true
Before the day’s over – I just want to say,
“Happy Birthday”, my dearest, to you.

I look at your pictures on my table
(they’ve become so real to me)
I compare them – but I’m not able
Fifteen years difference to see

I may be biased – but I’ll always say –
As from the first I’ve maintained –
That you’re years younger – anyway,
Than the age that you’ve attained

It doesn’t seem sixteen years now
since I “Popped” the question to you
But the years roll by so “I reckon as how”
We’ll have to admit that it’s true

I haven’t always been able to get
the things you deserve – so nice
But I’ll make it up – to some extent – yet,
I won’t need this experience twice

What a strange year – all the way through,
but later, I’m sure, we’ll see
That the real things in life are quite few
And how thankful we should be

I’m thankful for you, sweetheart, tonight,
And I hope a good birthday you’ve had
And even though it doesn’t seem “right”
Being apart can’t keep us sad

so – “Many Happy Returns of the day,”
And may I be there next year –
To see you smile & hear you say,
“Oh , isn’t it wonderful dear”