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Aug. 22, 1944 (our 18th Wedding Anniversary)

Chaplain Brewster Aug 22 1944

Well, Rosie, it hardly seems like 18 years since our beautiful little wedding, but it certainly seems a long time since I’ve seen my beautiful little wife – and surely it just can’t be another long year before we get together again – and I don’t think it will be. So much has happened that I can’t begin to tell you about on paper, but I can still tell you that I love you with all my heart – and I hope and expect to be able to prove it in our years to come. Although I haven’t heard much from you, I know that you have thought and written plenty. The latest letter I have received was dated March 15(?) – 44 – from mother . Allie had already told me about mother’s selling her place. Of course I’m anxious to hear more about that – and a lot of things. I am enjoying it here – compared to the last couple years – since I’m with the hospital unit that I started to war with – & it is much more like home. I am the Protestant Chaplain & it makes a lot of difference to have a definite place. I have recovered some of the things I left here – & am even wearing whites to preach in on Sundays – but they are borrowed. Even if I had my own they would be slightly too big since I still weigh about 150. But I am getting in better shape, & should be able to get back on par in comparatively short order when the time comes.

Rosie, this is terribly rambling & disconnected but you will understand – I just wanted to mark another milestone – and I’ll answer all the questions I possibly can when I get home – what a great day that will be – to see you and my precious boys – and all the rest. God Bless & keep you.