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July 1, 1944: To My Mother (on her 77th birthday)

Brewster WWII POW journal page 15

-Well, Mother, I’m a few days late for your birthday, but it couldn’t be helped, since we have been on the move again – from June 5 – 28. We have had a very hard and trying 3 weeks –coming back to where we were before – after having been gone for 20 months. This is the hardest trip we’ve had – and we are all completely worn out, but are gradually getting readjusted again. It is amazing what the human body can stand – we lost only one man on the trip – although many were not well to begin with. [Editor’s Note: This was continued below – 2 pages later in the journal]

I have stood the ordeal fairly well, though I am still very tired. Things may be a little better here, although we can’t expect too much at this stage of the game. We are hoping we won’t have to move anymore – until this business is over – and that it won’t be too long now. I am certainly hoping it won’t be over 3 altogether. We are hoping to get more mail here. Since we can’t see you it is wonderful to hear – even though the letters we have gotten were a year old. A fellow gets so lonesome and homesick – but I have not lost faith and am not discouraged. I will continue to be optimistic no matter what happens – and I hope to come back to you a better son, husband, father, and minister.

Hope you are well & that the good Lord spares you so that I can see you & tell you how much I love you. Earl