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New Years, 1944

Chaplain Brewster Cardboard Journal – New Years

What’s new? I asked on every hand
Nothing at all – we usually say
But it’s not hard to understand
That there’s plenty new most every day
The day itself is new as Spring
And life itself is new as well
On this New year we still can sing

‘tho what’s in store we cannot tell
But some things are yet ever new
Though we often fail to see
So let us here put down a few
Whatever they may be
Behold, the prophet old did say
The Lord makes all things new
And furthermore, just any day
Is fresh as morning’s dew
The lord almighty also said
I make new Heaven and Earth
A new agreement then was made
And here we find new birth
This love is every new to men
More so than in the past
For here we find God speaks again
For Christ has come at last
Opportunities are every new
To make us better men
The New Year it is every true
Means we can try again
For God forgives when we forget
His mercy knows no end
Another chance we always get
When we’ve nothing to commend
So many things are new each day
-the sun, the stars the moon
Yet, what a price we often pay
When we could learn so soon
The common things are ever new
-as food & homes & love
And yet our thanks are all too few
When we dare to look above
So let us be aware this year
That everything’s not old
And we really have no cause to fear
If we but face life bold
-so, here’s the answer I would give
To the question we often hear
Everything’s new to those who live
As though the lord were near