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May 14, 1944 (Mother’s Day)

Chaplain Earl Ray Brewster Cardboard Notebook Page 9

To Four Mothers: my own, the mother of my boys, the mother of my wife, & the mother of my first nephew, who probably would be in this war too – had he lived.
Well girls how are we doing? I am doing better than at this time last year, when I hadn’t been out of the hospital very long. I am apparently pretty well over the effects of beri beri, which really had me down for a while. I have worked out in the fields some, but lately ‘ have been just carrying on my work as a chaplain within the camp. There is only one other protestant chaplain here now and he confines his work to the hospital. So I find plenty to do & what with reading and conducting some reading groups I think I am able to spend my time quite profitably.
I thought of you all, of course as I conducted my service this morning. I think we had a larger attendance than on Easter – so we are all thinking a lot about our mothers, wives, and sisters, who have meant so much to us & who mean more than ever now. I have written some verses which I used this A.M. & are in my other notebook [link] & which I will either send home – or bring it with me which I hope won’t be in the too distant future. Your letters have helped a lot recently – it has certainly been a long dry spell for all of us, but I’m sure the worst of it is over now. So glad you were all well – at least a year ago. I have so many things to tell you all in person – I am praying for that great day. God Bless you mothers! Earl