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May 10, 1944 – Poem – My (our) 40th Birthday

cardboard journal page 13

Now that I’m forty years old –
just how do I feel today?
Since the story must be told-
it’s really hard to say.

Though I’ve never been here before –
and never will be again,
I’m sure there’s much more in store
than in the good old days when”

Life should begin for me now
and I surely believe that it’s true.
For I’m really convinced, somehow,
that each day’s a beginning anew.

Though I thought we’d be home
by this time –
the very best of plans of a man,
go bad without reason or rhyme
– try as hard as ever you can.

But there’s always something to learn
from every experience of life.
And some things which we have to earn
– sometimes through considerable strife.

So I can thoughtfully say
that I have no cause for regret.
Though I begrudge each single day.
I have far from given up yet.

In Fact I’m proud of my years
for I’ve lived through some very
great days.
And though there have been some tears.
There have been more joys always.

Grey hairs don’t worry me much.
And baldness isn’t so bad
if with life we keep in touch.
And think of the good times we’ve had.

So anxious as all of us are,
for this thing to speedily cease.
My wagon is hitched to a star
For I’m sure there will soon be peace.

Then let the years come and go,
as they most certainly will.
For this I surely know,
That God’s in His Heaven’s still.