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December 15, 1941

Brewster WWII POW Canvas Journal 1 Dec 15 1941

[ed. This journal entry is cited in Chapter 4 – Manilla]

Dec 15, 1941
Plenty Rugged since I last wrote. Still staying at Army & Navy Club at night & “Headquarters” during day. Not getting used to raids, though there are several each day. Eating aboard a sister ship for 75⊄ (gold). Chaplain McManus has been very brotherly – even advanced me money – until I get my pay accounts straightened out. Still hoping to be able to get aboard before long — may take some time. My stern is getting better gradually, although the raids are a little rugged.
Am down to 188 – hope I can stay there. No use to try to send mail, of course. Will send another message before very long. Getting plenty anxious to hear from home – hoping something can come through before long. Spirits are higher the last day or two – am hoping for the best (turn to page 22)

Chaplain E. R. Brewster

919 C Ave
Coronado, Calie
Books I Want (Clarkson Pub. Co 143 So Wabash)
1. Adventurous Religion (Fosdier) 89c
2. 5 Minute Biographies (Carnegie) 89c
3. Getting Along With People 89c
4. History & Destiny of the Jews (Kastein) 89c
5. Why Grow Old? (Capiro & Grant) 89c
6. Supreme Court (Hughes) 89c
7. Victor Herbert (Kaye) 89c
8. Dauaged Souls (Bradford) 89c
9. Harvest of the Yes (Burbank)89c
10. Alexander Hamilton (Whashow) 89c
11. Einstein (Trieser) 89c
12. Christopher Columbus (Houben) 89c
13. The Reader’s Digest of Books (Neller) 89c
14. Experiment in Autobiography (Wells)
15. A True History of the Conquest of Mexico (Castillo)
16. The Presidents In U.S. History (Beard) 79c
17. Roget’s Thesaurus (85c)
18. What Can A Man Believe (Barton) 89c