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To My Twin Sister Pearl – on our 38th Birthday – May 10, 1942

to Twin Sister 1942

Well, sister dear, here’s another year
To add to the ones gone by
It seems so strange away out here
Where I can’t expect a reply

I’m glad we were able to be with you
Last year – in your beautiful home
And I hope we can repeat it, too,
When another birthday shall come

There’s so much a fellow would like to say
To a twin as swell as you –
I haven’t the chance now – but I pray
For this thing to soon be through

I remember so much of days gone by
When we were kids together,
and a home like ours is a tie
Which nothing can ever sever

I remember, even, the pre-school days
when we used to play a lot
We were then alike in my ways
And a lot of attention we got

– I remember, too, when we went to school
on Sunday 0 and during the week,
And how we learned the golden rule
and other knowledge to seek

But as the years rolled swiftly by
– as they always seem to do
There seemed less & less a tie,
But I’ll always be tied to you

For we have more in common now
With your Barbara & my boys
And I am pretty sure, somehow,
Life holds no greater joys

It’s swell to know you’re happy, too,
As I’ve been in my own home –
In spite of days we’re passing through
– but there’re better ones to come

Before I close I would like to say
After saying “Happy Birthday to You” –
That I remember it’s Mother’s Day,
And would like to include you, too

So, instead of sending gifts this year
We’ll look out across the sea
And I’m thinking plenty – ‘way out here
Of those with home I’d like to be

Before signing off I want to say,
Give Beryl & Barbara my very best
-That I’m living day by day,
And I hope I can meet the test

So, “many returns of the day
May sunshine & gladness be given,
And may our dear father prepare [unknown]
For a beautiful birthday in Heavan