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Blackouts – Poem WWII Journal Entry

Blackouts – Poem1942

“Blackouts” – May 1 1942
O God, please take away the darkness,
Help us see again the light,
Relieve, us from this strain & stress
By the power of thy might

We’ve had so many blackouts, Lord,
That we are growing tired,
We need true light from thy great Word
By which men are inspired

why is it, Lord, with so much Light
Men’s hears to darkness turn
And like brute-beasts they need to fight
And ignore thy great concern?

It must be true – as ‘twas of yore –
‘tis because of evil deeds –
That men still love the darkness more –
And yet the master pleads:

“I am the only Light” He said,
And He is saying still,
“I am of life, the real bread
Eat, whosever will”.

Though in the darkness cause by greed
Both just and wicked grope
Through Christ alone we can be freed
He is our only hope

Open, Lord, the blinded eyes
Of rulers and of men
Reveal thyself, from out the skies –
Dwell in men’s hearts again

We want our children, future men,
To have a world of light
But since all darkness comes from sin
We must recognize the right

And we pray again, dear Lord
For the power to make men see,
So help us all do they word
And find true light in thee

But if some blackouts there must be
We’ll have less cause to fear,
For we’ve resolved to walk with thee
There’s light when though art near

And we would like to have a share
In bringing light to others-
Help us to know that thou doest care
Thy light makes all men brothers

Then we’ll hear Christ say again –
As He said when here on Earth
True light is found in common men
Who have had the second birth.