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Easter 1942 – WWII Journal Entry Earl Ray Brewster

Easter 1942 Journal Entry – Earl Ray Brewster

You ask what Easter means to me
This year – in the midst of strife
One answer only, could there be
– Resurrection speaks of life

I am come that they might have life

The master says, “Because I live,
You shall have life that’s real
And to receive – you need to give
– if the throb of life you’d feel”

I am crucified with Christ – nevertheless I live

The great apostle also said
That anything that grows
Must first be buried as the dead
– and with this faith one sows

He that would save His life – must lose

So many things in nature prove
That life results from death
That one can see our God’s great love
Throughout Earth’s Length & Breadth

The Heaven’s declare the glory of God –

The mystery of life is seen
in trees, and hills and caves
Valleys & mountain streams so clean
In the whispering of the waves

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh

And Easter also means to me
That darkness does not stay
For through the Son of God we see
– as night gives way to day

And Easter comes so bright & warm
– to displace the dark and cold
it makes you sure there comes no harm
to those who face life bold

Because I live – ye shall live also

The greatest meaning yet to me
Is the assurance that is ours –
Of eternal life – immortality
Transcending worldly powers

Most things temporarily – but not God’s love

And so I know it to be right
– some things aren’t here to stay
-that a thousand years – in God’s sight
Are only as a day

Easter means a new chance
So with this faith I’m going on
To better things, I feel,
Love ones then are never gone –
For the unseen is most real

For the things which are seen
are temporal – but the things
which are unseen are eternal
– Easter = Life