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Mother’s 75th Birthday – June 27 1942

Poem for Mother’s 75th Birthday – June 27 1942

Mother, dear, when I last “wrote” you
I had hoped to see you soon,
And now upon your birthday, too,
It would be such a boon

But I have stuck it out all right,
And I pray that you are well,
And now I think the time’s in sight
when these things I can tell.

I’ve had to miss 2 birthdays now,
But I hope to be there next year
And I still can’t help believe somehow
that the time is drawing near

In spite of all the war & strive
I hope your birthday’s keen –
Because of this: – that all your life
You have so wonderful been

I’m glad that I’m the only one
who has to be away
and I hope there will be one
Next year on this same day

I’ve thought of you so very much
This year that I’ve been away,
And I am longing for your touch
I think of you night and day

So many things come to my mind
With so much time for thought
that through such thought I often find
How things by you were bought

So many things have taken place
In these seventy-five years so long
– some things are easier for me to face
Since you have been so strong

I wonder how you’ve done so much
With so little with which to do
It must have been – your faith is such
that God has had strength for you

And this strength you’ve given to your sons
And we never can repay
(And I am one of the unworthy ones)
for what you mean today

Well, mother, mine, it’s hard to write
the things I’d like to say
But it will certainly be a sight
When we gather one fine day

’til when we’re living day by day –
As we always need to do
And I am writing just to say
“Many Happy Returns” to you

And may there be as many more
As you can can really enjoy
And I hope God has in store
A lot more of Peace and Joy