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Mother’s Day – May 10 1943

Mother’s day 1943 poem


M stands for mothers everywhere
O is for others, for whom she lives
T is for her tenderness so rare
H is for her heart, from which she gives
E is for her eagerness to share
R is for righteousness divine,
Which causes her to bear
Her burdens – and yours, & mine

—To My Mother —

Mother, dear, I’m quite sure you know
That this hasn’t had to wait
For mother’s Day (I love you so)
For I think of you early and late

this is always the hardest day
Of all the days of the year
To be away from you – I pray
that a swell reunion is near

You’ve done for me so many things
No other could ever have done
Your prayers, I know have been the springs
To refresh your unworthy son

You’ve been eager for me to know
The right – and you have always prayed
In this experience through which I go
I find that I’m not afraid

I’m sorry I’ve caused you added pain
but I’ve done what I thought was right
And if I should never see you again
– We’ll be united – by God’s might