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To Condon’s Birthday – May 14, 1942

Condon’s Birthday 1942

Another Warrant we have with us
– A Mr. Condon by name –
And though he, too is an ornery cuss,
We like him just the same

this Condon is a boisterous stiff –
And they tell me he likes to shout
“You so an d sos just call me cliff
or I’m liable to knock you out”

But most of his fighting is with his voice
(He also talks with his hands)
So, when his friends are given a choice
They disregard his commands

One thing about Cliff is always true
– He’s always ready for a ‘spute –
The choice of sides is up to you
He’s a philosopher of repute

Though he might possess a rough edge or two
He’s not really a bad sort of guy –
He’s seldom “way up” & never blue
and usually has reasons why

so, since we’ve had to be in here
With somebody – more or less
We’ve been very glad to have Cliff near
– (on his birthday we must confess)

So, many happy returns of the day
To Condon – the great big stiff –
And while to some he may be “C.K.”
You so & sos” can call him Cliff