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To “Rosie” (Rosella Brewster) – Mother’s Day, 1942

to Rosie on Mother’s Day 1942

Well, Rosie, Dear, I must write another
Though I think of you every day,
This is a special time for mother
– And I have somewhat to say

First of all, I’ve come to know
(I learn the hard way I guess)
How stupid & how awfully slow
I’ve been – through this distress

How songs & husbands can be so dumb
When mothers & wives are so swell!!
Surely our spirits must be numb –
Our appreciation not to tell

As with other beautiful things no doubt
– sometimes you must get away
to see what they’re all about
With you – what a price to pay!

But I’m trying to think more of the day
When I can be with my own
And I also hope these days will pay
– in that I’ve wiser grown

For I know you well enough to know
That you’re making the very most
Of a situation that tests us so –
To our littler mother a toast!

What satisfaction it is to know
My boys are in your care
Be assured – for I know it’s so
You’ve done much more than your share

But that is just what mother’s do
for us – who so often fall –
But if I know how to say what’s true
– You will always have my all

For you have been given me everything
– and on this mother’s day
Your praises I would like to sing
And “I love you” – I just want to say.