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To Leland & Leonard – As They Start the New School Year – Sept 15, 1942

To Leland and Leonard – Earl Ray Brewster

Well, guys, it’s time to write to you
For the time has come again
When your school starts out anew
I can just “see” you then

For I remember other years
And I am thankful, too
(Although they brought us tears)
That I could be with you.

I can see both of you yet
As you left for your first day —
Your mother & I can never forget
–there wasn’t much to say.

Although we’ve missed you boys at home
We’ve really been glad to see
That all-important period come
How happy we’ve continued to be

For we have really been so proud
To be parents of such boys
And I have often praised you loud
for you bring my many joys

We’ve been interested in the way
You’ve spent your school-days rare
And now I follow you every day
— with so much time to spare

I wonder how the junior high
Is going for big old brother
— and I confess I sometimes sigh
As I suppose does mother

And whenI think how much I miss
Seeing Leonard in his school
Right now — I’ll tell you this —
Such Will not be the rule

For when I get back again with you
I’ll be more interested still
to know everything you guys do
And you can bet I will

So this is what I hope you’ll try –
Remember all you do
Everything from junior high —
And from the first grade, too

And also from the scouts & stuff
And all about your play
and I will never get enough
Of hearing what you say

So we will all have tales to tell
When I get back with you
So we must all remember well
the things we say and do

Before I finish I want to say
“Hello” to our little mother
For in every conceivable way
She’s better than any other

so when we get together again
What great times there then will be
It will be so wonderful when
I can travel with you three

So we will keep on praying too,
for that day to come at last
When we can do like we used to do
and our separation is past