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“Debtors” – by Chaplain Earl Ray Brewster

Debtors – by Earl Ray Brewster  WWII Journal

So many things we do not know
in this vast world of ours
But one thing’s certain – that we owe
for all our gifts and powers

We are debtors, says St. Paul,
And so He lived always –
And for this cause He gave His all
And triumphed through the days

We see this theme throughout God’s word,
which is the Book of Life —
We see it most in our own Lord
As He triumphed over strife.

In fact, that is why He came –
Because He owed His all
So you and I must feel the same
To answer the highest call

What other reason can there be
For being allowed to Live?
but it’s so hard for us to see
that living means to give

We boast of being what we are
— not giving others their due
In the game of life must we always star
Though our talents are usually few?

The good book says that we have naught
Except it be given by others —
So by this theme we need to be taught
our true relation – as Brothers

Now, if you & I were in God’s place
What would our attitude be
Can we honestly now our creditor face
when ourselves as such debtors we see?

To think that we are heirs of the best
–what riches are really ours!
Our attitude is the real test
Which determines gentlemanly powers

So since, such Love has thus been shown
The least that we can give
Is our whole lives our very own
–that others, too, might live.