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To My Wife (Rosella Mae Brewster) – Mar 1942

To Rosella Brewster – Earl Ray Brewster

Rosie, Dear, Sweetheart, Wife and Mother
Pal, Chum, Peanut, Honey
Never could there be another
Love like ours means more than money

Sweetheart, when we first met back there,
Those big brown eyes belonged to me
And through the years as we’ve learned to care
I’ve come to know how swell a pal can be.

Remember when I first held your hand?
I do, and now can feel the thrill –
That only we can understand
And can experience still

Remember, too, when sang to you “Remember”?
I remember yet, & always will,
could have been June or December
Singing to you was such a thrill

Another favorite one was “Always” –
Well, I meant it then & I mean it still,
For our love grows down through the days,
And continues fresh as a real love will .

There are lots of things I could recall,
Of our courting days so rare,
But you’re the greatest one of all
And you’re the one by whom I’ll swear

Then one day “in sickness & health”,
“For Richer or for Poorer,” too,
You took me me without any wealth
And all these years you’ve seen it through

My wife! – it still surprises me
And Oh, what joy you’ve given!
More words can never make one see —
Some things must wait for heaven

But you have been so brave & true,
And sweet as one could ever be,
I only hope I give you, too,
The joy you’ve given me

When the load has seemed to much to bear
With trials & cares on every hand,
there’s always been my wife to share
And a wonderful pal to understand

And when I’ve reached the house at night
Grouchy, tired, & sometimes mad,
There has always been a greeting bright,
And a cheery smile to make me glad.

Our Sunday evenings are a time
(when after church & work was done)
That I recall they were sublime
This was our hour – for us alone

And there are other joys we’ve shared,
The victories and good fun,
For nothing else can be compared
With the thrill work well done.

Still, I would fail if I should try
To speak of all we know,
but we must pause lest we pass life by ,
For in that way we grow

So – pretty as my sweetheart is,
there’s one who’s just as cozy
right now I’ll you even this –
It’s my sweetheart – wife- my Rosie.

God give us more such wives as you,
And give us men who’re pure,
So help me God, I will be true
How thrilling when one’s sure!

How proud I am to be your chum,
And what an inspiration!
So I can smile whatever may come –
In any situation

But still another role you play,
And you, play it as no other
And yet you seem so young today,
But what a perfect mother!

The thrills you gave me with your “yes”
And the “I do” in our marriage,
Were not quite as big I guess
As the thought of a baby carriage

A husband finds it hard, I s’ose,
To really understand —
the things through which a mother goes
And the pain that she must stand.

But you have been so glad to give
Yourself – that we might be —
Not merely satisfied to live
But a full-fledged family.

There can’t be found a sweeter word —
Try son, or sister, brother,
The name that strikes the sweetest chord
–through girls like – is mother

So naturally you’ve knows just how
to give our boys the best —
so when I’m needed elsewhere now
You’re equal to the test

How lucky both the boys & i
To be given such a chum,
So it’s always up to us to try
Our best through out the days to come.

So Rosie, honey, as I’m sitting here
by your pictures day by day —
There are many scenes that reappear,
And things I would like to say.

And even though you are so far —
(In this imperfect way) —
I want to say how swell you are,
that I’m with you every day

And if the way seems hard to you –
As if often does to me
Remember that there’s one who’s true
And how proud I am to be !

So – “keep ’em flying” – as you say –
As I know you always will,
then I’ll be with you some fine day,
Imagine what a thrill!

And when you’re lonesome – as you are
Sometimes – as even me –
Remember one who was lonelier [by?] far
And dies to make us free

So – with this Love we face the days –
Not knowing what they’ll bring,
But knowing this– each hour — always,
Together we can sing