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Thanksgiving, 1943 Poem – Earl Ray Brewster

Thanksgiving 1943 Poem – WWII – Earl Ray Brewster

What is there to be thankful for
This year in the midst of strife?
What good is there in the midst of war
When there is no normal life?

It is but natural that we ask
Because things are so strange
While we’re engaged in this grim task
From which there is no change

But when we think just a little bit
We find much to appreciate
There really is no doubt of it
In spite of fear and hate

so let us think a little while
about the things that are good
and we can all produce a smile
Though we haven’t Thanksgiving food

And though we miss our loved ones dear
And though we miss our home
We’ll make the most of the present year
through hope for the one to come

At least we’ve been spared our life
’tis surely by God’s grace
through it all -through hell and strife
A bright future we can face

And then we have been given health
though some are sick and dead
Now is there any greater wealth
that we could have instead?

And though our comforts are too few
We have some food and clothes
Though this is not the life we knew
We could have greater woes

We have a place to sleep at night
Where we’re sheltered from the rain
And what a blessing to have our sight
–to see God’s vast domain

And then to have our friends so true
On whom we can depend
And though the friends are all to few
Some stick until the end

Even our work could be much worse
(for some it’s quite a test)
But we have learned it’s not a curse
On the whole it’s no doubt best

Some things as our smokes stuff
are added bits of joy
Of some things there is not enough
But they’re something to enjoy

And then we’ve had our Church & shows
To give us what we need
Without these things ‘most everyone knows
It would be worse indeed

So–all in all we can give thanks
For country, homes and wives
Those things on which a fellow banks
Which make for fuller lives

So we’ll celebrate this year again
While hoping for better days
Ever looking for that day when
We can give our thanks always