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Glossary of Naval Terms – by R.E.B. (presumably Earl Ray Brewster)

Earl Ray Brewster Notebook entry – glossy of U.S. Navy Terms

Glossary of Naval Terms

  1. Active Duty – A means used by some civilians to evade the draft, get a soft job, and get an associate member ship in the club.
  2. Army – what the incompetent asses join
  3. Ability – a peculiar quality obtainable only at a place called Annapolis (requires more than 90 days)
  4. Boat – a conveyance never missed when going on liberty
  5. Bomb – a Japanese product that whistles and booms, and otherwise amuses Navy personnel.
  6. Civilian – a member of the human race of slight importance
  7. Discipline – knowing how to say “yes sir” to the proper people
  8. Duty – a short period spent occasionally on board ship, at some Naval station – may last as many as 4 hours
  9. Evacuate – to burn everything you have so you won’t have to carry it along where you move – then to scatter out in such a way that the enemy can’t possibly find any opposition
  10. [F-bomb] – the only adjective in the vocabulary of the enlisted man
  11. General – not a Naval officer – but the kind of court that gives you what you deserve
  12. Head – not a part of the body but a place where the body is parked during working hours
  13. Labor Battalion – an indignity to which no line officer would ever submit his men
  14. Line officer – The real McCoy – the rest just kid themselves
  15. Men – the insignificant portion of the personnel consisting of those below warrant
  16. Marine Corps – an organization designed to keep the Navy out of trouble
  17. Naval Officer – a full member of the club
  18. Pay & Allowances – what makes this pleasant existence possible
  19. Reserve Officer – a presumptuous civilian who has to crash the party and has been staved off by giving him his associate membership in the club – must be put in his place daily
  20. Seniority – the official religion
  21. RHIP [?] – that which makes a Gentleman (made so by an act of Congress) & stripes & bars a privileged character wherever he might be