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Standing in Line – Earl Ray Brewster

Standing in Line Poem Journal Entry – Earl Ray Brewster

We stand in line in the morning
We stand in line at noon
We stand in line in the evening
We stand in line with the moon

We stand in line for roll call
In the Winter, Fall, and Spring
And for most any excuse at all
We line up for everything

We greet the new day in line
Before we are able to see
And then we are feeling fine
For we have lined up to “pee”

And then we line up for “tenko”
By our hosts we must be seen
And then we are rarin’ to go –
To visit the crowded latrine

We line up to be counted at mess
Three times each day in the week
Sometimes you can’t help but guess
What other line-ups they’ll seek

We line up for tobacco and stuff
At the PX in the Sun
Sometimes it gets pretty rough —
At least it isn’t much fun

But it’s not as bad as before
When for water we stood in line
Sometimes – for hours – three or four
so now it’s comparatively fine

But how much more fun will it be
When at home we can do our stuff
for you can readily see
Of these “lines” we have had enough

How swell it will be back there
When we don’t have to stand in line
And can sit in an easy chair
And our feet will be feeling fine

We won’t have to “tenko” at all
Or line up for smokes and food
And won’t have to answer sick call
Because we’ll be feeling good

We might even have breakfast in bed —
for a morning or two at least
And we can live like men – instead
Of being treated as a beast

So bring on that day of days
that we’ve all been praying for
and we can be ourselves always
And be rid of the Hell of war

Earl Ray Brewster
Dapecol – 11/11/43