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Poem Adapted From the 13th of 1st Corinthians

Poem – 13th of 1st Corinthians – Earl Brewster

Though I speak like angel souls above
I become like hollow metal things
Unless I show the Father’s Love,
Unless such Love eternal springs

Though I have gifts like prophets old
and understand all mysteries
And though I have a faith that’s bold
Without love – I’m ill at ease

And though I gave all that I own
To those who poor & needy are –
Like seed on barren soil sown
I find myself from God afar

Such love as this endures so long
And it is always true & kind
Envy here does not be long
For here it is that God we find

Does not behave itself with rudeness
Does not seek its selfish ends
Is not characterized by crudeness
And always others it commends

Rejoices not in the black sin
But rejoices in the true and best
Beareth all things itself within,
Believeth, hopeth, endureth the test.

Love like this will never fail
But prophesies & tongues shall cease
Even knowledge will not avail
So many things will now decrease.

But when the perfect comes to light
The incomplete, becomes obscure
Where the beautiful is in sight
The unlovely cannot endure

When I was a child in days obscure
I understood & thought as one,
But since I have become mature
Of childish things there should be none

For now we see as through a glass
Out then there shall no darkness be
For then we’ll see things come to pass
that little did we dream we’d see

And now abides faith hope & Love
The three of these are high indeed
there aare no greater things above
and love is that which we most need.