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Poem Adapted from Galatians 6: 1-10 Earl Ray Brewster 10/20/42

Poem about Galations 6 – Earl Ray Brewster

Now if a fault o’ertakes a man
You – who are spiritual must restore
Such a one – as best you can
Considering you might sin even more
Bear ye the burdens of one another
And so [unknown] the Law of God
Counting every man a brother
— treading the way that Jesus trod

for if you think yourself “somewhat”
You deceive no one else at all
For you must learn that God is not
Interested in what we ourselves do call

But every man must prove himself
Then real rejoicing will begin
(without considering power or pelf)
For now He has real joy within

And every man must carry his load
As well as bear His brother’s part
— to help each other is our code
But there are loads for each lone heart

All those who are taught this word
Must share the values they receive
With Him from whose lips they heard
Eternal teachings which they believe

Do not be deceived, said Paul
For at out God we cannot sneer
For God cannot be mocked at all
For what one sows most needs appear

For He that sows just carnal things
Shall reap according as He sows
And He that sows from Higher springs
– From the seed the eternal grows.

So let’s not tire of doing right
Knowing well that we shall reap
If we do not cease to fight
And in the sight of God we keep

So, when there’re chances that are ours
To do some good now and again
Let’s do the good with all our powers
to those of faith – and to all men

– Earl Ray Brewster 10/20/42