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To Rosie – 16th Wedding Anniversary August 22, 1942

Poem – 16th Wedding Anniversary

Well, Rosie, dear, another year
Has past for us together –
So I must write away out here
Regardless of the weather

We’ve spent so little time apart
For Lo, these sixteen years
that being away ‘most breaks my heart
And I ‘spose it brings you tears

but it also brings us mem’ries
Of days that mean so much
that though in far off countries
we dream of them and such

So I’ve been dreaming of the day
When we can live anew
And do a lot of things the way
We always used to do

And I am planning lots of things
That I hope that we can do
In fact I’m sure we’ll live like kings
As we start again – we two

We’ll take some trips & do some things
That we’ve often planned to do
And do the kind of thing that brings
Joy to the boys and you

One thing here that I’d like to say
And we must by all means do
Is spend each & every Saturday
together – the boys & just us two

And besides the things we do – we four
The’re some things for you & me
On thing I think should come before
All else – but that’s a mystery

On second thought I’d better tell
Just what I have to say
It’s simply this – a thought so swell
A honeymoon some fine day

And I would like for it to be
Just where we had the first one
And I am sure that you’ll agree
It must be for us alone

Then we would have a chance to talk
Not only of days that are past
But also have a chance to walk
together again at last

So many things I remember now
Without a honeymoon
And I can’t help but think somehow
that I can tell you soon

I’ve found myself ‘most every day
especially when I’m alone
Thinking over just the way
These sixteen years have flown

Although they’ve gone too fast for me
As I’m sure they have for you
Isn’t it wonderful to see
What it means to be so true?

Although our love has never grown
A cold like some we see
this experience will have shown
How swell such love can be

And how wonderful the common things
We seldom give a thought
And how our Gethsemane brings
A sense of how they’re brought

I’m trying hard to make the most
Of these most trying days
Remembering what such things cost
I should remember always

Though I can’t tell you in this way
some things I have in mind
I want to hasten onto say
I’m anxious your thoughts to find

And then our boys so fine and strong
We must also keep in mind
And think of them as we go along
Their future good to find

As I think about our years gone by
I’ve come to realize this
That there’s often been too much “I”
In this I’ve been amiss

So our decisions are for you,
And they will mean a lot
For 30 more years are all too few
but that is all we’ve got

So we will need some time to plan
So how about a vacation?
A real long one – so we can
cover the whole situation

together with the boys we’ll go
And we’ll cover the whole nation
Learning things we ought to know
Supplementing our education

And then we’ll settle down somewhere
A place I hope you’ll like
and with joy beyond compare
A real gold mine we’ll strike

A place where we can really live
Our house by the side of the road
Not simply getting – but to give
Helping others carry their load

A place where we can have a home
And educate our boys
A place where all their friends can come
The scene of countless joys

A church that is a church indeed
For young, the old, the high & and low
Endeavoring to meet each need
Pointing out the way to go

Hope that we can find a charge
Where we can stay for good
With an opportunity to enlarge
And be better understood

A community that is bound to grow
Where we can grow as well
What also we can learn to know
Things only time can tell

I imagine that you feel the same
– that we’ve moved around a lot
Even though it won’t bring fame
It’s fine to stay in a spot

Of course that puts one on the spot
but we are more mature
what it requires I think we’ve got
I hope we can see for sure

I even have ideas for a home
they’re tentative by the way
I’m waiting for the day to come
when you can have your say

For your ideas are always fine
And I hope we can carry them out
Your ideas will also be mine
and I’ll try to bring them about

A home of our own – boy how keen!
Something you’ve always planned
We’ll be happier even than we’ve been
And I hope the time’s at hand

Well, I’ve spoken most of days to come
And that is as it should be
For I am sure our future home
Will be the best of all for me

And I hope that will be the case
For you and both the boys
That the past will only [?] trace
Of our keen future joys

And so sweetheart, wife & mother
As I think through years that are gone
I’m sure there never was another
And I know I’m not alone

For with this faith that is our own
I’m thinking lots these days
And we will have bigger grown
–for su9ch experience pays

While we’ll miss our anniversary now
We’ll both be standing by
We’ll make the most of it somehow
– then give it another try

So – so long honey, for this trip
till a better day for all
Till I get the word to pack my grip
And on you in person call