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Christmas 1943 Poem

Christmas Poem – 1943

You ask what Christmas means to me
this year when away from home
When it is so hard to see
There are better days to come

We’ve been away from home so long
Three years for most of the men
It isn’t easy to be strong
– in fact it seems like ten

For Christmas is the time of year
When we long to be with our own
And even the strongest shed a tear
Because we’ve homesick grown

The memory of former days
When we were all together
causes us to feel it pays
To ride out stormy weather

For some things we will ne’er forget
And Christmas is the best
the things like this haven’t failed yet
To help us meet the test

so Christmas means a lot to me
and there are other joys
Besides a lighted Christmas tree
And all the children’s toys

For Christmas speak of deeper things
Of Christ who gives us life
Of Him through whom there always springs
That which conquers strife

And Christmas speaks of Holy Birth
foretold by prophets old
When God Himself came down to Earth
To help us face life bold

And Christmas speaks of a world of peace
If men would only heed
And let the spirit of Christ increase
to meet our every need

And Christmas speaks of shepherds kind
And ancient wise men too
In Christmas we can always find
That which makes life new

And Christmas means humility
Like that of a little child
Against the rank futility
of letting the world run wild

So Christmas means a time of prayer
that peace might come again
That to all men everywhere
Christmas might come to man

So let us make real sure today
our hearts are open still
That we can hear Christ Jesus say
My Peace and God’s goodwill.