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To Leonard on his 6th Birthday

Leonard’s birthday – Earl Ray Brewster

To Leonard on his 6th Birthday Oct 30, 1942 (written Oct 10, 1942)

Well, Leonard, son, here we go once more
though I’m writing a little bit soon
but I just want you to know the score
for we’re leaving Sunday noon

and of course as is the usual case
in this life that I’m still in,
we never really know the place
where we’ll end — or even begin.

But we’ve stayed with it all right so far
and I’m sure we’ll make it all right
And you have been for me a star
In this game of faith against sight

And although it’s been so hard for me
As it probably has for you —
To be apart where we cannot see
Each other as we used to do

You’ve also been at the very same time
A wonderful inspiration
Away out here in this tropical clime
controlled by a hostile nation

I’ve missed a while school-year with you
And this is the second birthday,
But I am sure you’ve been true blue
And it’s so hard to be away

So you must remember things for me
At Church & school & play
My how I would like to see
What you’re doing day by day

I think back to my own school days
Which I never did really mind
And I hope that you’ll find always
The joy I used to find

And I hope you’ll do a lot of stuff
Much better than I used to do
For you can never do enough
For those who’ve worked for you.

Your teachers you will usually find
Are really pretty swell
Such things we often have in mind
When it’s too late to tell

One thing I’m sure you won’t forget
To consider your dear sweet mother
No one has really ever found yet
A substitute – for there’s no other

And I’m sure that you & brother find
A lot of fun together
I have you there so on my mind
In every kind of weather

There’s a chance, they say, that I’ll soon find
A way to hear from you
I hope that God will be so kind
To let me write soon, too

Of course the thing I really crave
is to be with you guys at home
And I’m praying that He will save
Us all – till that time shall come

So till that day I’ll live for you
And i want you to think of me
And then a lot of things we’ll do
When we’ve gained our liberty.

One thing more while I’m at this
Give yourself a great big hug
And our sweetheart a nice big kiss
And a “punch” for your brother, the “Lug”

And when you see your Grandmothers,
And your swell “old” Grandad, too,
Tell those three there are no others
Who could mean what they always do

So, so long, Pal, till another time,
When I can be with you –
I’ve had enough of any clime
Unless you are there, too