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To Leland – Just on General Principles – October 12, 1942

To Leland on General Principles – 1942 WWII POW Journal Entry – Earl Ray Brewster

Well, Porky, Pal, I know full well
It isn’t your birthday just now
but I “kinda” figured I’d like to tell
You “things” before I leave, somehow

For after all, you’re my older son
And I’ve thought of you more than you know
And you are often the only one
On my mind – as on I go

I hardly realized how much you meant
When I was with you back there
Sometimes it’s necessary to be sent
Away – to realize, how you care

But if you’ll carry on a while
And I’ll try to do so, too
We’ll face life together with a smile,
Then better than we used to

For we will both have learned a lot
That we both have needed to
Some things I’ve learned believe it or not
That I’m anxious to talk over with you

Since you have been the head of the home
For a while, – as well as even have I
I am anxious for that time to come
And I hope it is drawing nigh

I want still to see you in Junior High
In the band and doing your stuff –
Sometimes it causes me to sigh
for not being with you enough

But if you’ll let me – in days to come
I’ll spend lots of time with you
A lot of things we’ll do at home,
And other places, too

I can’t tell all I’m thinking about
but it may be a surprise to you
But you can believe this – without a doubt
Up my sleeve there’s a real thing to two

Here’re some things I’ve thought about
A radio “station” in our home
And maybe you’ll be an Eagle Scout
And a “ham” in days to come.

That is something the whole family
Could enter in together
I mean a regular family hobby
for every kind of weather

And you could be the number one “ham”
with “Butch” as our number two boy
You may be surprised, but I surely am
Interested in this source of joy

Of course there’re lots of things you’ve done
that I am anxious to know
For I am not the only one
Whom experience has caused to grow

So I am terribly anxious to find
the things you’re interested in
And the things that you have in mind
then a new comradeship we’ll begin

I’m so keen to be your pal always
that I’m jealous of every hour
And I hope to soon be counting the days
–until then I’ll just say “More Power”