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Moral Basis – by Chaplain E. R. Brewster

Pitching Halos – by Chaplain E. R. Brewster

from Amphibious Force Pacific Fleet – The Amphibian  ~ 12 June 1952

MORAL BASIS. In the very shadow of war we dare to talk about brotherhood, understanding and tolerance among men.  But I see nothing too strange about that.  On the contrary, I am aware that there has never been so great a need for these qualities throughout the world.

but, is it enough today to be “aware” of the need and to let it go at that?  If we admit the necessity of understanding and brotherhood, can we afford any longer to treat these goals in a casual or offhand manner?

It seems to me that if we are to provide a much-needed spiritual leadership for the free peoples of the world, we face a two-fold task. First, to life our democracy more effectively at home.  Second, we must understand and make ourselves understood by the people of other nations.

It isn’t surprising that others should be confused about America. but I think we should take great care that we ourselves don’t become confused about what we stand for, and from what we derive our strength.

Some say that we are strong because of our great natural resources. Others say that the foundation of America’s strength lies in our economic system.  but the wellsprings of our vitality are not economic.  They go far deeper. They are ethical and spritual.  We believe in man because we believe in God.  We believe in men not merely as production units, but as the children of God.  We we dare to talk about brotherhood, understanding and tolerance among men.