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False Fronts – by Chaplain E. R. Brewster

False Fronts – by Chaplain E. R. Brewster post image

from Amphibious Force Pacific Fleet – The Amphibian  – 30 August 1952

FALSE FRONTS  There is an interesting store on the main street of a certain town.  This store has a peculiar front; it looks like a two-story building, but it is, in reality, only a one-story building.  It has what is known as a false front.

when you look at this building you see a first floor where there is a grocery store with two large windows, and above these on the so-called second floor, four small windows.   When you walk around to the side of the building and look behind the four small windows, expecting to find a second story, you are surprised to find that there is none–just an open space.

There are some people like that building; they appear to have a second story; they appear to be more or better than they are; they put on a show or a false front; but when you get around behind them you discover that there is little ore nothing there.

The actions of such people are described by words like “bluffing,” “posing,” or “make believe.”  For instance, a lad my strut around as though he could beat everybody at every game. “He talks a good game,” as the saying goes.  Many such individuals never grow up, and it is easy to see through their false fronts.

The Great Teacher spoke about those who tried to appear better than they are.  They pose as being good that they may be seen and praised.  he called them hypocrites and said they were wolv3es in sheep’s clothing.

the world in which we live has too many people like that.  What we need is more people without false fronts, who are sincerely striving to do their best with what they have.  After all, God is not going to hold us to account for the ability of someone else.  But we are responsible for living up to and developing our own resources.