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Victory by Faith – by E.R. Brewster – Pitching Halos

Pitching Halos – by Chaplain E. R. Brewster

from Amphibious Force Pacific Fleet – The Amphibian – 15 March, 1952

The allies emerged victorious from World War II.  But many are asking who won what?  Was there a real victory after all?

Victory is often hollow.  One can go from place to place in the world today and see total destruction.  He sees people living amidst these ruins.  The victory sign was raised over destruction.  But victory is hollow when vast areas are laid waste when thousands are killed or maimed, when economic systems are utterly exhausted.

But someone will say that is the way of the world.  Others could say, however, that the world, which is so much with us, ,must be overcome.

On the other hand there is much fatalism abroad in the land.  Many say war is inevitable in the near future; they say the next war will annihilate civilization; they say it is only a matter of time.  A million youth standing in Unter Den Linden, Berlin, in August said only Communism will do.  They carried their pictures of Stalin, they stood for hours, they believe in their cause.  They say it can–they seem determined it shall–overcome the world.

Then there are those who dare to believe that the real victory is our faith.  The Christian Faith alone has triumphed over the destructions of the centuries.  In London much of the area around St. Paul’s Cathedral was totally laid waste.  nothing was left but ruins.  Little of it has been rebuilt.  But there below the pavement in a space covering nearly a city block some temporary huts gone up.  They say that the most interesting thing is the flower garden–little spots with beautiful flowers planted in the walls, growing in the crannies, ruins literally blossoming with roses and geraniums.  Some-one had the faith to rebuild, the faith to overcome.  Today, as always, there must be in people everywhere the faith that overcomes the world.  No less faith thatn this will do .  Those who have it have the victory, wherever they are.