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Thanksgiving 1943 – to Rosie

Christmas 1943 WWII Journal Entry – Earl Ray Brewster

Well, you can see, honey, that I am running quite low on paper, but just wanted to write a few lines at Thanksgiving time to let you know that we are doing pretty well -= and have lots to be thankful for.  I am thankful to be alive & in as good health as could be expected – and thank God for you guys & pray that you are o.k.  Surely we can have a real Thanksgiving next year – after having missed three in a row.  We hear encouraging rumors – but of course get no real news.  Still have hopes of getting some mail – it’s plenty tough not to hear from you for so long – but I know it is not your fault.  Hope you have received the cards we have been allowed to write.  Have a good Thanksgiving, my precious babies – your Daddy,  Earl