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Leonard’s 7th Birthday – Oct 30

Leonard’s 7th Birthday – Earl Ray Brewster

Well, sweetheart, perhaps I should be writing another poem to Leonard – but you can see that my supply of paper is becoming quite limited & besides, this is for all of you.   I have really nothing special to write about, but want you to know that I never forget you for a day – much less the special days, every one  of which we will celebrate – even though belatedly.  I do want to say that “God is Good to Us” – as one of my very good friends is constantly saying.  I am feeling pretty good now & am able to work half days – helping to make rope – for which I am thankful.   The work is easy, clean, & pleasant – and I can sit most of the time, which suits my feet, which are still pretty tender.  But I have had Malaria, for which I am particularly thankful.  We are on a pretty slim ration of food, but I think most of us can hold our own for quite a while longer – if necessary – but we hope it won’t be necessary.  Of course we have a hard time, getting news – but from some of the recent rumors some of us are quite hopeful & I fully expect to be with you for my 40th birthday – even though i have had to give up the idea of this Christmas.  We are not allowed to preach any more, but are holding services – & doing the best we can – “Under the Circumstances”.  Give Leonard a big hug for me – & I’ll write some more – least by Christmas.   Love, Earl