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“Greater Love Hath No Man…” – Chaplain E.R. Brewster – Pitching Halos

Easter 1952 – Pitching Halos -Chaplain E.R. Brewster

from Amphibious Force Pacific Fleet – The Amphibian – 12 April, 1952

“JOB’S QUESTION” –Long, long ago the writer of the Book of Job asked the question, “If a man shall die shall he live again?”  Centuries later Jesus Christ answered this question –beautifully, quietly, triumphantly–by His resurrection from the dead.

It was the Father who raised up the body of the entombed Son, reanimating it with spiritual power and His accustomed personality as known to His disciples prior to His crucifixion.  The Father could do this, for remember–with God all things are possible.

As believers in Christ neither does god allow us to be destroyed.  Regardless of what happens to our physical bodies–whether they become maimed, crippled by illness, even destroyed–God will not allow His spirit within us to be destroyed.  Neither will he allow us to lose our individual identity.  In life the Christian seeks unity of spirit with the Father.  Even in death that oneness of spirit continues without loss of personal identify.

Thanks be to God who gives us this victory over death through Jesus christ our Savior, whom God raised from the dead.  if God would not allow Himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, to be destroyed, neither will He allow those possessed of His Spirit to perish.