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A Pacific Prayer (Feb. 1942)

A Pacific Prayer – WWII Journal – Chaplain Brewster

O God, who rulest waves and seas,
Our Father, guide and and friend thou art,
Why is it Lord, through times like these,
That sons of thine are forced apart

We see a world involved in strife,
And think of what the end may be,
And then we know that in thy life
Alone is found true liberty

And so we look beyond the clouds,
Reach out and take thy hand –
by faith in spite of shrouds,
Although we cannot understand.

We see young men who hear the call
Of the countries of their birth,
but we do not think their all
Can be buried in the Earth

Others have we seen with aw-
ful woulds and fearful sears –
to carry through the years,
But we are sure that all which Mars
Still brings the Master’s tears.

For He it was who cared
When God’s least child was maimed
And wept o’er many new-made graves
Not asking who was blamed

Not only so – but he alone
Did suffer like as we,
Before at last He gave His life
For you – and even me

That we might know that
since He Lived – and ever lives again
the future must bring forth the peace we crave
And good-will toward all men

With this our faith, we must
Not fail our God, our Land, our Home
Then we shall find eternal peace
No matter what may come